Aphis Cooperative Agreements

Rich Johnson National Program Manager USDA APHIS PPQ – Emergency and Domestic Programs 4700 River Road, Unit 26 Riverdale, MD 20737 Phone: (301) 851-2109 Email: Richard.N.Johnson@aphis.usda.gov Through its Executive Secretary, NPAG sends BNP requests to the BNP regional representatives mentioned below. They in turn request information from their regional administrators and respond to the NPAG. It is requested that a “lack of response/concern” be presented, as well as concerns regarding the list of pests made available by the NPAG for verification. NPAG Lead: Christie Bertone, Executive Secretary Christie.A.Bertone@aphis.usda.gov Dr. Phillip Lewis Regulatory Treatments Program Coordinator USDA APHIS PPQ 1398 W. Truck Rd Buzzards Bay, MA 02542 Phone: 508-563-0914 Fax: 508-563-0903 E-mail: Phillip.A.Lewis@aphis.usda.gov The objective of Fr.