The Agreement Is Under Review

1. Read the whole agreement. You do not need to decipher the “Legalese,” but you are in the best position to judge whether the contract is appropriate: 2. Legal verification determines the validity of a contract and raises practical or risk management considerations, rather than whether a contract is operationally and administratively appropriate. The final decision to enter into a contract is the responsibility of the municipal government that initiates the contract and the final supervisory authority in accordance with this chapter. [Ord. 1227 Nr. 5 – 5.2, 2014.] A contract is a legally enforceable agreement, whether or not it is called a “contract.” Contracts include, among other things, declarations of intent, declarations of intent, course or delivery agreements, licenses, declarations of intent and terms and conditions for all types of transactions. All HUS contracts must be written. An agreement can be a binding contract, even if one party provides something valuable to the other party for free.

Therefore, HUS may also have an interest in the absence of a financial transaction. The correct legal name for SHU, which should appear in all SHU contracts, is “Sacred Heart University, Inc., a Connecticut Nonstock Corporation.” 3. Send the agreement for preliminary examination. Send all legal verification agreements to the Office of General Counsel (OGC) in W-L before they are signed, preferably with a delay of at least one week if there are provisions that need to be removed or renegotiated to avoid unnecessary risk to W-L. If the agreement concerns or concerns another office on campus (for example. B buying software that ITS needs to support), you also send a copy to this office for pre-verification. (See additional note on the next page). B. Derogations from the Council`s review. The following types of contracts are excluded from the Commission`s review: This document describes the Requirements of the Council and the legal review for the City of Junction City contracts, the checks required by the initiative services and describes the signing authority for junction city contracts. [Ord.

1227 Nr. 1, 2014.] As a general rule, contracts to which HUS is a party must be audited and approved by the General Council Office prior to signing. Signing a contract on behalf of the HUS can have legal consequences for the university. Contracts signed without legal authorization may lead, if shu decides not to fulfill the contract, to personal liability of the person signing the contract. Shu administrators, teachers, employees or students who enter into unauthorized agreements may also be subject to disciplinary action up to dismissal. The contract manager or general counsel cannot legally verify or advise personal or non-HUS contracts. The following section lists the types of HUS contracts that are exempt from the legal verification requirements. After verification by the requesting service, you must complete the “contract review request” form and forward it to the mailbox for legal verification with the contract.