Gp Confidentiality Agreement

However, medical secrecy is not entirely absolute in modern medical practice. There are special circumstances when this obligation is to be breached. The legitimate exceptions for authorized violations are defined in the GMC professional code: we at Loftus Medical Centre want to guarantee the highest level of medical care for our patients. We understand that confidentiality is a fundamental principle of medical ethics and is essential to trust between patients and physicians. If a patient is able to make his or her own health care decisions, we obtain their consent before giving confidential information that identifies the patient`s relatives, close friends, for research or disease records. If the patient does not accept the disclosure of identifiable information, we respect this decision, unless a failure to disclose would endanger the patient or other serious harm or disclosure is required by law or in the public interest, as shown below. Patients need to understand and accept that their health information must be shared within the health team and with support staff to ensure effective and safe care. If disclosure of a patient`s information within our practice or to other health care providers is required as part of a patient`s treatment and care, we will explain it to the patient and share information with an appropriate person to ensure that they are aware of their professional confidentiality. If a patient objects to the disclosure of information that we think is necessary, we explain to the patient that we cannot arrange transfer or treatment without disclosing the information. We recognize that clinical audit, quality assurance, training and training programs are essential for safe and effective health care. When we provide patient information based on any of these activities, we understand that the information must be anonymized or coded before being disclosed outside the health team. If this is not possible, we will ensure that a patient is informed in advance of the disclosure and that he or she has the opportunity to object.

We respect a patient`s disclosure wishes. The practice of all medical specialists in the world is subject to the regulatory authority of the General Medical Council (GMC), which is very attached to this obligation of professional policy. The British Medical Association (BMA) advises all medical specialists to consider the benefits of a breach secret against the serious consequences of harming their professional relationship and the risk of public confidence in a confidential service. The duty of confidentiality of patients goes far beyond the obligation not to disclose confidential information; it is a matter of ensuring that all records containing patient information are kept in a safe place. Before writing your patient confidentiality agreement, it is important that you first consult a legal or medical expert to get an overview of the correct way to draft the confidentiality agreement. Make sure you include all the information you want to define as confidential.