Translation Of Non Disclosure Agreement

If you are unable to notify the client before confidential information is disclosed, you will immediately notify the client (to the extent permitted by law) of the full circumstances of the disclosure and the information disclosed. You must cooperate appropriately with the client (at the client`s expense) when the client decides to initiate legal or other proceedings to challenge the validity of the obligation to disclose confidential information or to obtain a protection decision or other remedy. This confidentiality agreement (this agreement) is concluded on the day of each electronic adoption by the translator of a translation request (as these terms are defined below) (the “effective date”)) by the client (a “customer” or “disclosure party”) who requests translation through the online translation platform Say Hello, which consists of a community market place for the ordering and provision of translation services (the “translation platform”). a Delaware company with offices in 8 The Green Suite #7244, Dover, Delaware 19901 (“Say Hello” or “company”) and the translator (the “translator,” “recipient” or “you”) (the client and translator are called “parties” in each “party”). Taking into account the pacts and conditions contained The parties here matter: Translation services The client wishes to keep you (the translator) as an independent contractor for the provision of translation services (the “services”) With respect to services, the client may disclose to its shareholders, directors, executives, employees, employees, representatives, consultants and/or agents (together the “customer representatives”) to provide you with certain information about the client and/or its activities and ensure that they end confidentially. In order to provide you with such information, the company asks for your agreement on the following: As our client needed a Russian translation of NDA forms for a destination in New Jersey, Russian legal terms had to be translated into English. Since some legal concepts cannot translate word for word due to word-based stetology, a Russian translator with experienced legal translation knowledge and experience was the only appropriate translator for this project, which was immediately assigned to this client, with a personal language manager. Our language translators and managers are assigned translation projects that span many sectors and businesses. Recently, we were asked to provide a Russian translation of commercial contracts to one of the largest telephone operators in Russia (the real names and details of customers are protected by Tomede`s confidentiality agreements). This special translation was a form NDA detailed directly from Moscow, and filled with a lot of legal terminology.

For this reason, not only a professional Russian translation was required, but also Russian translators with extensive experience in legal translation. With respect to any disclosure by you under this clause, you remain liable for any breach of this contract by the recipients of the confidential information, unless the party concerned has complied with a duty of confidentiality with the client essentially in the form of that agreement. This is just one recent example of the many business translations we regularly make available to our clients. Other similar translations we have provided recently include Chinese commercial translation in New York, Polish translation of a business proposal and Spanish translation service in Seattle for testimonial.