Ryerson Cupe 2 Collective Agreement

The first collective agreement (1975-1977) reduced the 444 wage categories to three years. Recruitment procedures have been put in place and an appeal procedure has been established to resolve problems and resolve disputes and disputes between AS and course directors and administration. The introduction of these standards, taking into account the employment of higher education graduates, was a first in Canada. Ryerson has a strong history of collaborative collective bargaining and positive working relationships. We are committed problem solvers who successfully negotiate collective agreements with all campus unions, which involve incremental changes that meet the needs of all parties. We arrive at the negotiating table with the following values: CUPE Local 3904 GROUP 2 negotiating committee has fought hard against management to enhance the Performance Fund. Currently, $95,000 is available each year for the allocation among unit 2 members […] In 1973, the university administration recommended a 6% pay increase for all university staff except ATDs. The Graduate Students` Union (GSU) tried to get the university administration to negotiate with them, but the administration refused. And so, on June 6, 1973, a group of 7 TAs met to do what CUPE became 3902. With a group of volunteers and with financial support from the GSU (who paid the salary of an organizer), they organized to create a union, the first for university students in Canada. Mandatory contributions for all union members amount to 2.45% of their gross university income.

[1] [4] [5] [6] As a union benefit, guaranteed gross annual salaries amount to $15,000 for PhD students in research flow[1] and $34,000 for post-doctoral fellows in 2018. [6] Other minimum wages are applied hourly or per course. For the context, the estimated cost of living in Toronto is approximately $42,584 or about $55,500 before income tax for transit tenants. [11] We are proud that we have not had any work interruptions on our campus in the past 30 years working with unions. Negotiations with Ryerson were successful thanks to the joint commitment of both parties. . You are entitled to $300 per year to cover your health care costs. You should contact Prosure Group Ltd. directly with your receipt. You will receive the cheque in the mail.

The desire to unite was successful for the first time at Victoria College. The Victoria TAs have obtained a certificate from the Association of Graduate Assistants (GAA). Since Arts Departments was transferred from college to university in 1974, the Victoria unit has been understaffed. As a result, no collective agreement was concluded and the representation rights were not rescinded. At the same time, the energy centre moved to the main U centre of campus T. Local Two, GAA, was certified in 1975 following a lengthy dispute and a certification vote. The Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3902 (CUPE 3902) is a Canadian trade union that has a lecturer, postdoctoral fellow and teaching assistant at the University of Toronto, Victoria University at the University of Toronto, the University of St.