Leicester City Council Tenancy Agreement

The Council`s consultation site states that “we have reviewed the current rental conditions and found that they do not cover everything we need to ensure that we can manage our rents and rebates as we wished. The price on which we agree is the price we will pay for the duration of our agreement. We will not renegotiate the price. Fish and small caged animals can be kept on any Council property. From time to time, we may have to negotiate a “no lease” period in order to be able to rehabilitate the property at the beginning of the lease, if any. By signing the contract, tenants accept our rental terms covering areas such as your rights, repairs, gardens and garages, decoration, access, harassment and antisocial behaviour. The proposed agreement provides that current restrictions on length, weight and altitude for vehicles parked near Council lands will be removed and replaced with conditions around “large or unusual vehicles that could disturb others.” The proposed agreement provides a number of advice on the work that can and cannot be done and the tenants who are responsible for the repair and replacement. Councillor Andy Connelly, Deputy Mayor for Housing, explained the reasons for the update at a Leicester City Council meeting, after two councillors said they had been contacted by residents worried and disoriented by the changes. Coun Connelly said: “We are proposing to change the conditions to bring the agreements into line with the existing legislation.

Your landlord`s obligations Your landlord has a responsibility to ensure that the property or accommodation you rent is kept to a particular standard. Repairs Unless the lease has a fixed term of more than seven years, your landlord is responsible for repairs to: the authorization must be made by the Council before any work. All of our tenants enter into an official agreement with us containing the start date and the weekly rent, including heating and installation costs. Illegal eviction – as a tenant, you have some security. This means that you cannot be forced to leave your home without a court decision. Any attempt to dislodge you without such an order is illegal and punishable. This also applies if you have rent arrears or if you have broken the tenancy agreement in another way. We provide a “management contract” that has been overseen by a lawyer and legally covers all aspects of our agreement. It gives us the power to manage your property entirely on your behalf for an agreed term and protects both our rights and yours.

We recommend that you read the contract completely and if there is something that does not satisfy you, we can discuss the conditions to ensure a win-win situation.