Gnwt Collective Agreement Sick Leave

If you need to apply for an e-e, we recommend this online: If you need to apply online for ei, we recommend you do so online: What kind of vacation can I take if I am isolated or forced to isolate myself? Employee rights are included in collective agreements and staff manuals, including: Did you know… If you are sick and cannot show up to work more than five days, it is recommended to contact Benefits. Benefit specialists are available to discuss your situation and let you know if there is any impact on your benefits. This proactive approach can help you know your requirements, save valuable time and benefit specialists help you better help you. If your collective agreement does not offer alternatives to sick leave as mentioned above and your employer refuses you paid leave, you are entitled to sick leave if you are in quarantine. You will find more information in your collective agreement. Many collective agreements contain provisions for family leave. Refer to your collective agreement to determine your rights. The union is asking all employers to be flexible when it comes to allowing workers to take paid and unpaid identity cards or to allow workers to work, if possible, from home. For the members of the Treasury Board, the employer accepted our request to use “other paid leave” rather than compel our members to use sick leave. PSAC has asked all employers to allow telework wherever possible. However, if you are sick, you should not have to work, but have the right to take sick leave.

In workplaces where telework is not possible, the employer must either allow you to take quarantine or illness and take all necessary measures to ensure that your job is healthy and safe, in accordance with health and safety rules. federal and territorial governments have announced a series of measures to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on individuals and the economy. Many of these measures address short-term needs and are a direct response to gaps in our support systems, but the actions taken by governments are urgent and we welcome them. Here you`ll find information on how the Canadian government treats mental health in the workplace and access resources, tools and services for organizations, managers and employees. To learn more about new announcements and actions taken by governments, visit: Centre of Excellence in Mental Health in the Workplace: If you are discriminated against, you should discuss with your local representative or components the possibility of filing a complaint and/or a human rights appeal. Information from Yukon Employees Union (YEU), Union of Northern Workers (UNW) and Nunavut Employees Union (NEW) can be found here: For more updates, please visit: This page is monitored and updated daily. The workers on the front line, who are in direct contact with the public, are the most exposed. This may include airport staff, border services and immigration officers, teaching assistants, passport office staff, health personnel, etc. Anyone in the vicinity of a potentially infected person is at risk of becoming ill with coronavirus.