Columbia University Early Decision Agreement Form

The match is for students who are seriously interested in several QuestBridge College partners and/or who think they will benefit from the additional information contained in the QuestBridge app. If you are a QuestBridge finalist and Columbia is the only school you are passionate about, you have two options. Their first option would be not to rank the schools in the game and to apply directly as part of the early decision plan for Colombia. The second option would be to participate in the game and organize only one school, because you know that your chances of being compared are much greater if you qualify several QuestBridge College partners. Please keep in mind that Columbia`s financial assistance packages are need-oriented and are not affected by the application plan you follow – early decision, regular decision or match. For more information on the use of the early decision at Columbia, please visit the Columbia website. After adoption, the advisors are provided by the advisors of the scientific and general councils for the transfer of students within the Dean. For information on financial aid, students should contact financial aid. The Licensing Committee may decide to defer an early decision request to the regular decision cycle and make a final decision at the end of March. In this case, the student is invited to submit the final grades from the first half of the senior year. Columbia Admissions and Financial Aid Application Deadline for QuestBridge students participating in the game. For more information, see paragraph I. Meanwhile, other non-binding decisions on early action have been made by other schools, including a $120,000 southern Methodist University work grant in Dallas, and another $6,000 grant to work on projects.

According to National Association for College Admission Counseling guidelines, “Students may apply for admission to other institutions as part of an early decision plan, but only one request for an early decision may still be pending. While Columbia does not necessarily encourage applications for advance (compulsory) and early (non-binding) decisions, we do not prohibit applicants from doing so. However, applicants should be aware that Columbia`s early decision program is a binding agreement and that a candidate is expected to register, regardless of pending applications (at an early stage or otherwise). No no. If you are a QuestBridge finalist applying for the National College Match, all documents submitted as part of your questbridge application will be verified as part of your application process and you will not have to submit a letter of recommendation or additional academic information. Another important part of the request is the submission of three recommendations, one by the secondary school board and two by university teachers. We need two teacher recommendations in the main subjects: English, mathematics, science, social sciences or foreign language courses. While we recommend that these teachers come from the last two years of high school, we accept letters of recommendation from Grade 10 teachers.

These recommendations provide the Admissions Committee with additional information on the candidate`s interests, nature, abilities and contributions to teaching. Students who live on campus and have housing contracts receive space allowances, information about roommates and dates of moving in. Visit for more information. Even at this price, the demand is clearly there.