Another Word For Franchise Agreement

They are therefore prohibited from creating organizations to secure the franchise. All of these facts – which are contained in a precise, clear and concise document – must be communicated to the potential franchisee at the first personal meeting or at least ten days before the entry of a contract or deposit, depending on the date s. The purpose of this disclosure statement is to give the potential investor a realistic view of the company in which he or she will engage. Failure to comply with FTC regulations could result in a fine of up to $10,000 per day for each violation. As granted by a professional sports association, the franchise is a privilege, a team in a geographical area determined under the aegis of the league that spends it. It is only an incarnational right. The Tribal Kafirs never had the franchise, of course. Licensing fee: In addition to the franchise fee, many franchisors charge franchisees a fee for what they sell. This tax is paid at specified time intervals. B, for example, weekly, month or year. Sometimes it`s a flat pass, sometimes it`s a percentage of turnover. A company`s charter is also called its general franchise.

A tax on deductibles is a tax imposed by the state on the right and privilege of the activity as an organization for the purposes and conditions surrounding it. Some states have also passed laws prohibiting a franchisor from terminating a franchise for no good reason, which generally means that the franchisee has breached the contract. In this case, the franchisor has the right to re-acquire the point of sale – usually by buying back the franchisee`s assets, such as inventory and equipment. Acknowledgement: Item 23 of the franchise publication document (FDD) signed by the potential franchisee and made available to the franchisor (on paper or electronic form) as proof of the date on which the FDD was received by the person concerned. Advertising costs: the amount the franchisee pays to the franchisor as a contribution to the franchise system advertising fund. The fund is generally created to pay for the creation and placement of advertising and is used to offset franchisor management costs related to “retail/brand” advertising. Payments are generally calculated as a percentage of gross sales. Agent: a party that has an implicit or explicit power (oral or written) to act on behalf of someone else. Authorized promotional material: materials made available by the franchisor for the use of the franchisee in its local market or materials produced by the franchisee approved by the franchisor. Authorized products: certain products that a franchisee must purchase to be used in his or her business.

Franchisor may also specify an approved supplier (see the definition of the authorized supplier below). General to control the quality of products used or sold by the franchisee during the execution of its operations. Authorized site: a site designated by the franchisor will meet its criteria satisfactorily. The franchisor`s permission to set up is generally not an indication of the potential for sale or the success of the site. Arbitration: a method of dispute resolution. Franchise space: a franchise relationship that allows the franchisee to open multiple sites, usually within a defined area, within a predetermined schedule. Franchisees in the territory generally pay a territorial fee for the rights granted by the franchisor.