1985 Utu National Agreement

The issue here is whether workers who are entitled to the payment of protection guarantees for workers before 31 October 1985 are subject to the application and effects of this agreement on the same basis as unprotected workers and, if so, in the most appropriate way of adapting these guarantees. The board briefly notes that the parties` adoption of the 1985 national convention did not, by an express or implied provision, remove or amend the 1971 agreement by law. With regard to places where existing coordination agreements define specific labour jurisdictions that have not been specifically replaced by Article VIII, the Committee concludes that these agreements remain fully in force and are effective. However, when a carrier exercises a section 1 right, existing restrictions are replaced. The Committee`s decision was based on the importance and intent of Article IV as adopted in the october 31, 1985 agreement, not on how such provisions could be applied in the future on the basis of attribution. Q-1; Does the three-year period in section 1 (c) indicate the duration of the agreement? General Committee of Adjustments (GCA) negotiates agreements for all Aboriginal people under the jurisdiction of the ACA. Our GCA is SMART-TD GCA 225. This committee is responsible for negotiating agreements for all former CNW residents. This concludes the Adams Wisconsin terminal, Clinton Iowa, Majordome Wisconsin, Chicago, IL, Etc.

(4) If the needs of the airline are not met for engine service personnel during a period when there are not enough train attendants (including transported drivers) in service, with seniority on November 1, 1985, who must accept motor transportation or lose the duty of service in the train service. The carrier can recruit qualified engineers or train other engineers to service the engines. Notwithstanding the above finding, Section 1, point a), did not extend to the crews of the route, as requested by the carriers, the right to provide services to the shipyards when such work is otherwise limited by existing agreements and which agreements have remained unchanged by the adoption of Section 1, period a). The scope of the discharge is limited to the specific scope of Section 1, under a), and to other provisions of the national mediation agreement of 31 October 1985, and not to the extent of the exemption requested by the air carriers to the Study Committee. In the findings and sentence of March 20, 1987, the Committee concluded that Article V, Section 1, of the National Mediation Treaty of October 31, 1985 could be interpreted in the same way as that which prevailed with respect to the employees of the carriers represented by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.